Photos from Tour: Colorado and Kansas

Mike Colossal joined forces with Lumis and P Chill in Colorado to finish out the last leg of the 2014 touring season. Below are photos direct from the crew chronicling their adventures through space and time.  

Photos from Tour: Mr. P Chill and Lumis in Montana and Wyoming

Mr. P Chill and Lumis just finished up a really dope run of shows throughout Montana plus Laramie, Wyoming. Now headed toward Boulder, Colorado for an appearance on JVOND Radio, it’s time for the southern half of the western US to get in on the action. Upcoming shows in Colorado, Kansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, […]

Photos from Tour: P Chill and Lumis In Idaho and Montana

Mr. P Chill and Lumis venture forth from Washington through the great states of Idaho and Montana before heading south for Colorado. The below photos are directly from P Chill and Lumis.

Photos from Tour – Mr. P Chill and Lumis On The Road

Mr. P Chill and Lumis have been traveling the lands with Tha Native on The Fear of a Red Planet Tour. Below are some photos of the adventure from P Chill himself. There was a dope interview on KMUZ in Salem, Oregon last night. Much respect and gratitude and KMUZ for supporting MPC Recording Company […]