Black Lives Matter

I have been a practitioner of hip hop for 28+ years, a music and culture that was created by black people in the South Bronx in the early 1970’s. As a white man who is involved in this beautiful culture and artform, I know my place. I do not have ANY ownership of this culture or music as I am a visitor to Hip Hop’s house who was graciously allowed entry by my peers whom I started with in the early 1990’s and later was co-signed by some of the first generation founders of this culture. I am honored that I have been able to not just practice my music for so long, but also make a career out of being an emcee. Because of this, it is MY DUTY to stand in solidarity with all of my black and brown brothers and sisters against the systemic racism against people of color from law enforcement.

     I see many other white people who are involved in this culture and artform who remain silent. To me, those are culture vultures who are happy to adapt black and brown culture, but when the going gets tough, they hide in their fortress of white privilege and wait until things calm down so they can continue to accept the “cool” part of being black without the struggle and violence that black people face day in and day out in America. I have even seen some white rappers who display even worse behavior than their betraying silence, defending law enforcement and claiming that it is worse for white people than people of color. These white people make me physically ill.

If you are a supporter of any of these white culture vultures, do not be afraid to call them out and expose them for who they are. If you feel that I am a “race traitor” or feel that any of these actions by law enforcement against people of color were completely justified, please kindly unfollow me on all social media and remove all of my music from your library, I do NOT need your money or support.



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