Mr. P Chill To Tour The SouthWestern US In June 2018 & Release His 13th Album In August 2018!

You may have noticed that there has not been much activity here on for several months.  After a very busy and successful 2017, Mr. P Chill was ready to hit the ground running in January.  He kicked off 2018 with a great show at Old Ironsides in Sacramento on January 13th, but things had to come to a grinding halt January 31st as his mother became very ill and hospitalized for a little over a month.  Since her return home, she has required much more care than before, so Chill was staying close to home to be there for her.  In the past few months, her health has improved considerably, and he feels like it is now a good time to get back out on the road for a couple of weeks!

The Time Out Tour will take Mr. P Chill to Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Colorado from June 12th – June 20th.  After such a long hiatus, he is very excited to get back to what he loves, performing and spending time with his fans.

The time he spent in Sacramento was not just spent caring for his mother however.  He spent countless days and nights in the studio recording his 13th solo album, Funky Uncle Chill, which comes out Friday, August 17th.  The first single from this release, Summertime, comes out digitally on June 22nd and features J.Smo and Julie Rush.  Funky Uncle Chill will be available not just digitally, but also on CD and on vinyl LP.  Pre-orders for the record and CD will begin soon, so stay tuned!

Mr. P Chill wanted me to stress his appreciation to all of you for your support and words of encouragement during this rough time in his life and that he can not wait to see you all when he comes to your town this year!

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