Mr. P Chill Explains The Beautiful Revolution Track By Track

With just about 15 days left before the release of The Beautiful Revolution, Mr. P Chill took some time out of his schedule to go over each of the 12 tracks on the album and explain the idea behind them and some of the creative process he used when making this new record.  Below is what he had to say about this record….


The Beautiful Revolution – Track By Track

1. The Beautiful Revolution (w/J.Smo) – I had gotten the beat for this one from my man G2Da and sat on it for a while.  I had the concept and the title for the album in place and was already writing and compiling material for the record, but did not have a defining song that would drive the message of the album home. One night I was in the studio with J.Smo, whom I had invited over to collab on some writings with as I was in a pretty good writers block slump.  We listened to a bunch of beats I had on deck and this one just spoke to us both and it was clear that this was not only going to be the title track of the album, but also the opening track.  The song opens with the words of a man that I admire greatly, Malcolm X and ends with the words of another man that I look up to and am inspired by, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Both of these men inspired change and led the charge of revolution, so their words felt natural on this track.

2. If these Tattoos Could Talk – Over the past decade or so I have gotten ink on six different occasions.  Each work of art on my body tells a story and has deep meaning to me.  I wanted to share this part of my life with my fans on this song.

3. Hello – This is another track that G2Da produced.  When I first got the beat from him, I was immediately in love with it because of the feelings that the instrumental provokes.  On this song I write two verses, the first is my outer self that everyone sees, talking to my inner self that only I see.  On the second verse, my inner self is responding to my outer self. This is a retrospective look at self doubt and self esteem.

4. I Wanna Go Home (w/Julie Rush) – I wrote this song when I was on tour in 2015 and 2016.  I was feeling homesick, but not only for my home where I live, but rather a place where my troubles do not exist and where my loved ones who have passed on are still here.  My good friend Julie Rush collaborated with me on this song and provides beautiful vocals that I feel really send the message of this song home.

5. Dear Crooked Cop – In the light of so many people being abused and killed at the hands of law enforcement, especially people of color experiencing this at a disproportionate rate than that of white people, I wrote this song as a letter to corrupt officers.  The message of the song is to take a look at themselves in the mirror and stop being the problem, but instead find connection with the public they are sworn to protect instead of being a bully.

6. Change The World (w/Mrs. P Chill) – This song is one of the last ones that I wrote for the album.  A new producer that I met named cmonkeedo reached out to me and said he had a beat that he made for me and would I check it out.  When I heard his unique style of production, I knew that this was a song that I wanted on my album.  After meeting with him to get the final audio files for the song and our discussion on world events and society in general, I knew that he was as passionate about the movement as I am, and his passion for positive change inspired me to write the lyrics to this song.  When I was done with the recording process, my wife, Mrs. P Chill, was listening to the mixes of the songs to provide her input and told me to turn the mic on, she had something to add.  She reads a rendition of a poem by one of my favorite authors, Shel Silverstein, at the end of the song and it is like the icing on the cake.

7. Mother – I wrote this song to start off sounding like I was talking to somebody about their mother, but as the song continues, it is evident that I am speaking of everyone’s mother.  In a time when financial prosperity seems to be more important to the world than the world itself, we need to take a look at how we treat her.

8. Right In Front Of Your Eyes (w/Julie Rush) – I was born in 1974, right after the Civil Rights Movement and the tumultuous 1960’s, a time when change was fought for and a lot of progress was made.  I was not there for those rough times, but the music of that generation and the movements that changed the world for the better lived on.  From what I have seen historically, art imitates life and music about progress helps fuel revolutions.  Using music inspired by what I feel is the quintessential protest song from that era, “For What It’s Worth” by Buffalo Springfield, I wrote of current issues in society from the recent presidential election and the hateful rhetoric of the candidate who ended up winning to police violence against people of color to white privilege.  Julie Rush joins me again on this song, singing an interpretation of the original lyrics of “For What It’s Worth” to help make this song a call to action, not only the younger generation, but all generations of progressive people.

9. Eye Know – It seems that when I get together with my friend and producer G2Da, his production often brings out different styles in my delivery and song structure.  This song is a look at what one can see if they choose to look past what society wants you to see and read between the lines and open one’s third eye.

10. The Light (w/J.Smo & Lumis) – When writing this song, I was envisioning the symbolism of the raised fist of solidarity as more than a sign of progressive strength, but also as a beacon of light to guide people out of the darkness of fear and intolerance and step into the light of change.  I reached out to two emcees that I am very close to whom share the same ideals and beliefs on inspiring change that I do to add their take on this.

11. Fighting For The Mic – This song is a personal tale of my early years as an emcee around 1990-1994.  Being a white guy doing hip hop music was not as commonplace as it is today and I speak of some of the trials I faced from my peers and form my family as they tried to digest something that they did not understand.

12. Gonna Be Alright (w/Spyder D) – This album covers a lot of very heavy subject matter, both personal and political.  I felt that when a person listens to this album from top to bottom, by the time they get here, they might feel a sense of hopelessness and feel overwhelmed at the prospect of going out into the world to be the change that the world needs to see.  I reached out to my friend and hip hop pioneer, Spyder D, to join me on a song that would send the listener away feeling hopeful about making change.  Spyder D and I have recently released a song on his latest EP called “Break The Chains” that addresses unity between all humanity, so this song felt like a natural follow up to that song.


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It officially releases on Friday, January 20, 2017

New Mr. P Chill album coming in early 2017!

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