Mr. P Chill Announces Track List For Upcoming Album “The Beautiful Revolution”

New Mr. P Chill album coming in early 2017!

Mr. P Chill – The Beautiful Revolution

Mr. P Chill is pleased to announce that his new album, “The Beautiful Revolution”, will release worldwide on Friday, January 20, 2017.  This date was picked specifically because in his home country of the United States, it is inauguration day for their new president.  This time the president-elect is one that more than half of the country, Mr. P Chill included, do not agree with nor condone as their leader.  Mr. P Chill has always been an advocate of protesting to make sure that one’s voice is heard and calls all progressive thinking people to action on that day with the release of his new album.  On this, his 12th album since going solo in 2002, his political messages and deep introspection is more evident than ever.

Mr. P Chill has asked that we share the track list of the upcoming album with you today:

  1. The Beautiful Revolution (w/J.Smo)
  2. If These Tattoos Could Talk
  3. Hello
  4. I Wanna Go Home (w/Julie Rush)
  5. Dear Crooked Cop
  6. Change The World (w/Mrs. P Chill)
  7. Mother
  8. Right In Front Of Your Eyes (w/Julie Rush)
  9. Eye Know
  10. The Light (w/J.Smo & Lumis)
  11. Fighting For The Mic
  12. Gonna Be Alright (w/Spyder D)

This album features vocalist Julie Rush on two songs, the first of which “I Wanna Go Home” is the lead single from the album and releases on January 6, 2017.  Mr. P Chill only featured three other emcees on this release: Lumis, J.Smo and Spyder D, the reason being that he wanted to do most of the vocal work on this record himself.  He only reached out to emcees that he felt were like-minded in their world views and have the true heart to try and make changes in the world with their music.  Chill’s wife, Mrs. P Chill, even makes an appearance on this record on track 6 “Change The World” reading a short poem at the end of the song.

As far as production on this album, Chill produced 6 tracks on his own, co-produced one track with frequent collaborator OmegaZ, and had two new producers do the remainder of the music.  Four tracks were produced by G2Da and one from cmonkeedo.  The angle of the new music from these two take Mr. P Chill to a new place lyrically as the production is drastically different from what he has worked with in the past.

More to come soon on this landmark album from Mr. P Chill!



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