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I am VERY excited to announce the upcoming release of my latest album, Still Standing, on Friday, August 28, 2015.  This 12 song album features what I feel is some of my best work to date.  I have gone to some new places with this record as well as went with some familiar themes, but overall, I have poured more of my heart and soul out into these recordings than any of my previous 10 solo releases.  I would like to take a few minutes to go over this album, track by track.

  1. Still Standing – After the release of my last album, Persistence, in 2014, I felt that I had set the bar pretty high as far as sending a message that I am not going to be putting the mic down any time soon.  More recently I have seen a lot of rappers give up or fall off and that got me thinking about how many acts I have seen over the course of my 23 year career just disappear, and I am not just talking about wack rappers, but even cats whom were amazing on the mic.  I got to thinking about that whole saying about being the last guy standing and wanted to make an inspirational song about perseverance and holding on to your dreams at all cost.  This seemed like a good theme for the album so it also became the title song for this one.
  2. You Got Me – So anyone who follows me on social media or who knows me is aware that I spend a great deal of time away from home on tour each year.  I had been trying to write a song about the fans for some time, so when I got this beat from Colorado producer, MILOGIC, I immediately felt that this was the song!  Throughout my travels across America and back, I have met so many awesome people, who I am proud to say are my fans.  Some of the ways that they show love has truly humbled me from fans who invite me into their home to feed me when I am in their town to fans who sneak my favorite beer into venues to give it to me as a gift to the first fan who  had my micstar logo tattooed on her shoulder.  A friend told me last year “P Chill, you don’t have fans, you have an ARMY!” so these devoted fans are now part of Chilligan’s Army!
  3. No Regrets (w/Spyder-D) – So this song is one of my personal favorites on this record. I got the beat from one of my regular producers, 3rd Child and knew this track was going to be something special.  I reached out to old school hip hop pioneer, Spyder-D and he was feeling the track as much as I was and agreed to collaborate on the song.  Growing up I used to listen to Spyder-D’s hit singles “Smerphies Dance”, “Placin’ The Beat” and “I Can’t Wait (To Rock The Mic)” among other titles, so getting to collaborate and work on a song with this true hip hop legend was such an honor!  The song’s theme, No Regrets, is a reflection on my personal motto in life, and that is to have zero regrets.
  4. When Words Won’t Do (w/2Mex) – There are millions of words in the world, but sometimes no word or collection of words can get across the point you are trying to make.  I teamed up with Los Angeles hip hop legend 2Mex of The Visionaries to do this song as this theme and style is right up his alley.  This ended up being the first single from the album.
  5. Time Machine – Over the years I have seen so many things that I wish could have been avoided, both in my own personal life but also in the world in general.  I wish I could build a time machine to go back and warn people of the errors in our ways.  I also would use such a machine to get the chance to see the people whom I have lost over the years one more time, but, like I say on the song “sadly, there’s no such thing as a time machine”
  6. Another Damn Crew Song (w/Decarie Black, Ms. La, DJ Double Ace, J.Smo, Lumis, Ian C and Poetic Supanova) – Every few years I like to do a track and feature a whole bunch of other rappers on it.  The title, Another Damn Crew Song, was just a description of the song at first, but then it took over and became the title of this 7 Minute emcee marathon.
  7. I & I (w/J.Smo) – I am not a follower of any one religion or belief system as I believe that none are wrong and none are right, they are all personal taste and preference for the individual and ALL should be respected.  In the Rastafari religion the term “I & I” refers to one’s own self as well as one’s personal higher power.  So when I say “I & I know the truth” I am saying that both myself and my higher power both see the truth.  I reached out to my good friend J.Smo for this song as he shares similar beliefs with myself and I felt that his contribution to the track would be great.
  8. Criminal – For a few years I was involved with one of the hip hop cultures less than legal elements on a very consistent level, to the point that I was not even recording or performing much for several years.  I am fairly certain that we are passed the statute of limitations for these crimes, so I wanted to write about my years expressing myself this way.  I do not speak directly about what I did, but rather speak around it, causing the listener to have to follow the words to hear the story I tell and also to try not to incriminate myself.  I was not sure if I was going to write this song yet, but when Lefty Rose sent me the beat, I sat down and wrote this in about 25 minutes as the feel of the music reminds me of the good times I had when I was active in this element of hip hop.
  9. Veteran Status (w/Percee P) – So about 5 years ago I was doing a show in Los Angeles.  The show was pretty good, nice crowd, I rocked the shit out of the show and went outside to get some air after my set.  This older cat stepped to me to tell me how much he likes my set.  I felt good as the 30+ crowd I always expect to get into my style as I have a lot of old school vibe to my music.  He asked if he could trade CDs with me, I was surprised that this cat was an emcee too, even more surprised that it was the Rhyme Inspector Percee P himself!  I used to listen to him back when I was first starting out in 1992 when he was on Lord Finesse’s record.  I was super honored that my music was appreciated by an emcee that I respected so much.  Fast forward 5 years, we finally collaborated on a song, appropriately called Veteran Status as we are both veterans in this hip hop music.  The beat that we rhyme to was produced by another veteran in hip hop, my good friend, Lumis.
  10. Spiritual Journey – For the past ten years I have been learning a lot about myself and my personal spirituality.  Like I said on the overview of “I & I”, I do not follow any one religion or belief system at this time, but rather I study all beliefs and take from them what feels like the truth to me. This song is about this personal journey towards self awareness and spiritual growth
  11. You Got The Best Of Me (w/Mr. Hooper & Lumis) –  It seems like no matter how hard you try, somebody always gets the best of you once in a while.  I wrote this song after some individuals getting the best of me personally.  I invited by close friends Mr. Hooper and Lumis to also add their take on having somebody get over on them
  12. Still Standing (Reprise) – I wanted to close with the song that opened this album to drive the message home to the listener that I AM still standing and that I WILL be here doing this as long as I am alive and I WILL NOT be going anyplace, so get used to my being here.

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