Official Tracklist for Still Standing Announced

Below is the final tracklist for my upcoming album Still Standing.

  1. Still Standing
  2. You Got Me
  3. No Regrets (w/Spyder-D)
  4. When Words Won’t Do (w/2Mex)
  5. Time Machine
  6. Another Damn Crew Song (w/Decarie Black, Ms. La, DJ Double Ace, J.Smo, Lumis,   Ian C & Poetic Supanova)
  7. I & I (w/J.Smo)
  8. Criminal
  9. Veteran Status (w/Percee P)
  10. Spiritual Journey
  11. You Got The Best Of Me (w/Mr. Hooper & Lumis)
  12. Still Standing (Reprise)

Still Standing - Mr P Chill

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