P Chill Breaks Down Songs on Persistence

Persistence drops Tuesday June 3rd with the album release party on the 5th at The Witch Room in Sac. P Chill breaks down each song on the album and briefly explains the creative process as well as sharing ideas and stories behind the tracks. Grab your pre-order package now.

Persistence by Mr P Chill drops June 3rdTrack 1 – The One Word (Intro)

“I always have some sort of an intro on an album, usually a short song. This time I just wanted to create something that felt to me like’ the calm before the storm’, where I just explained why the album was titled Persistence. The songwriting process and recording of this record was very relaxed and laid back, which is not usually the case, so I wanted the intro to reflect this.”

Track 2 – Nothing To Loose

“I have been making music for the better part of my life. I used to ‘hold back’ some lyrically as not to ‘ruffle any feathers’ or appear to be some sort of jerk. Now, the way I look at it, I have nothing to loose and I will speak my mind on issues and things regardless of what anyone else thinks. This song felt very liberating to write and record.”

Track 3 – Tonight’s The Night

“As with many of my past albums, there are always songs and undertones reflecting my political views and my dissatisfaction with the ‘establishment’ and how it affects the average person. This song is my call to action for people to stand up and start talking about the issues instead of hiding their head in the sand.

Track 4 – Face The Circumstance (Remix)

“The original version of this song came out last summer, right before I went on my second tour of the US that year. I did not want to release the same version I have been performing on tour for the past 12 months, so I got in the lab and made this remix of it. The song is a collaboration with two of my good friends and fellow emcees, Cleen and Max Bundles.”

Track 5 – Good Times

“This song was just FUN! When I got home from the Mountains & Valleys Tour last summer, I spent several weeks in the studio just making beats. Some were good, others just sucked, but this one just made me feel good all over. I called up J.Smo on the phone the night I made it and had him come over to have a listen to it. We proceeded to write the hook and our respective verses that night. I also shot it out to some of my other friends who rhyme to bless it with their best ‘feel good’ party lyrics. Featured on this song are slam poet/emcee Forward, Max Bundles and my dude Lumis. Mike Colossal gets down on the cut on this one too. Every couple of albums I feel like having the ‘posse cut’ and I have not done one since 2011, so this was overdue.”

Track 6 – Find Our Way Home

“This song was not mine when I originally wrote and recorded my verse in late 2012. My dude from Southern California, Jimmy Skee sent me this beat to write to about touring. I fell in love with it immediately and with my love of touring, the verse was very simple to write. I sent the verse off and thought that would be it until Jimmy Skee’s album dropped sometime in 2013. I caught up with Jimmy in LA over the summer of 2013 at a show and asked about the track. Jimmy told me that he was not going to finish it and that I could have it if I wanted. I was super stoked and had two of my friends who I KNOW have experience touring, J.Smo and Task1ne, drop verses about how the road is for them.”

Track 7 – I Know That You Hate Me

“With success comes jealousy, and with jealousy comes bitterness and with bitterness comes all the talking behind people’s backs. Over the past several years I have done some amazing things with music. I am very proud of these things, however, some people feel that it is better smile in your face and talk behind your back rather than just fess up that they hate you or are jealous of your success. I was pretty angry when I wrote this and decided not to name names on this one as that would just give credit and shine to the haters and wack show promoters I am referring to on this song. Like I said at the beginning of the track, ‘if you think this song is about you, you need to have a good look at your life’.”

Track 8 – Thunder Clap

“I have been trying to step out of my ‘comfort zone’ with the beats that I write to and Thunder Clap is a good example of this. I wanted to see what I would sound like rhyming over a loud, synth heavy track that was not the normal, boom-bap that I usually get down with. J.Smo came through that night for the session and ended up dropping a verse on this one as well.”

Track 9 – Tomorrow

“This was the first song I recorded with a beat from Finland’s Tozu. I heard this beat and got right to work on it, had Mike Colossal come through that night and record cuts on it and shot a copy overseas to Tozu as fast as I could. Tozu dug it and that was the beginning of several tracks I wrote and recorded to his amazing production.”

Track 10 – Promises

“This is one of the most personal tracks on this album. I made the beat in 2011 or 2012 and had been sitting on it for some time, not sure how to come at the beat with lyrics. I feel like I always have to make promises to myself to change things in my life that need improvement, so I just elaborated on some of these things. I talk about my struggle with getting older, my lack of financial sense and treating my wife with more respect when I return home from being gone on tour for over a month. I felt good when it was done, sort of like I am making a public commitment to these self-improvements.”

Track 11 – The 11th Hour

“I owe J.Smo for this song. Mid-October 2013 I hit a bad spell of writers block. No matter what I wrote, I hated. I spent a week in the studio, morning, noon and night trying to write what I was feeling inside and only could get the garbage to come out. One night I texted J.Smo to come over to have a writing session and drink some beer as sometimes working with another lyricist can sort of ‘jump start’ your creativity. Thanks to J.Smo and Hamm’s Beer, we ended this night both drunk and with a new song.”

Track 12 – Lo-Fi

“Lefty Rose and I go way back, probably about 10 years in the Sacramento music scene. We have talked and talked and talked of collaborating on music, but just never made it happen. Well, it finally happened. I asked Lefty to send me a beat, as I know his production is different and would cause me to write lyrics that were out of my normal comfort zone. I got this beat from him and the working title was ‘Lo Fi’ so I just went with it. It is the story of how it was for me when I first started to record and sell music back in 1992 and 1993 in Sacramento.”

Track 13 – The Woman Beside Me

“I wrote this one for my wife, Heather, not so much as a love ballad, but rather as a song recognizing what she does for me and the equal partnership our marriage has been for the past 4+ years. She is my hardest critic and my biggest supporter and always stays real with me about her opinion of my music and where my career is going. They always say that ‘behind every good man is a great woman’ and with my wife and I, it would be more like ‘next to every good man is a great woman’. I feel like too many folks look at marriage and relationships as a very one sided situation and I wanted to put a new perspective out there for both men and women to look at in regards to their own relationships.”

Track 14 – Wack Ones

“The beat is from an up and coming producer that goes by Salaam Sounds. When I heard the beat, the lyrics just started coming to me, as I have seen a very disturbing trend in hip-hop music the past several years where rappers are performing live shows and bringing their music out on a CD or thumb drive with their vocals on them already. These guys just jump around on stage, practically lip syncing their live shows and people are buying into it like it is the acceptable thing to do. Back when I was first coming up in music, if I had shown up with my vocal tracks on the beat and just adlibbed over my rapping, I would have been tossed off the stage and ridiculed with no mercy. My close friend Lumis shares the same feelings on this issue so I invited him to get down on this track with me.”

Track 15 – Persistence

“At the beginning of this song, I am letting off some steam about current stuff, then I end up exposing some of my skeletons that have been in my closet for over 20 years. Some of these things I am not very proud of, but they are part of my past, and my past is what created the ‘me’ that there is today, so I have to respect that. As I wrote, it just sort of came to me, like I was letting a giant weight off my chest. I was not sure if I was going to release or even record this song, but I am now glad that I did as it was a liberating experience.”

Track 16 – Forty

“So, exactly five days after this album comes out, I will be turning 40 years old. In the music business, it is considered ‘over the hill’ to many as music is often looked at as a young person’s game. I have been wrestling with my own issues with this milestone for the past couple of years. I used to not talk about my age and let people assume what they would assume. Most of the time, folks thought I was in my early 30’s and I would not usually correct them. As I thought more about this, I felt like I was living a lie to some degree, and that goes against everything that I believe in and make music for. Also, if anyone looks at my full discography, it goes back to 1992 and that would be a dead giveaway anyways. I just decided one day that I am going to just ‘own it’ at 40 and who cares what anyone else thinks or says.”

Track 17 – The Good Life

“This is ironic that it is the last track on the album as it was the last track I wrote and recorded for this record. I went to Mike Colossal, who produced this song, and told him that I wanted a super uplifting, positive beat. We got together and listened to some of the stuff that he had been working on and this beat stood out from the rest. I wanted to finish the album on a positive note as my life really has been wonderful as of late. The Good Life is a testament to the blessings that I have in my life, not just the material items, but more importantly, the family and friends that are a part of my life.”

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