The Good Life lyrics video

Lyrics video for Mr. P Chill’s single, The Good Life, available April 22, 2014 on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Spotify, Rdio and everyplace digital music is sold or streamed! REQUEST THIS SONG AT YOUR LOCAL COLLEGE RADIO STATION! From the upcoming Mr. P Chill album, Persistence, available June 3, 2014 both digital and on Compact Disc. […]

Mr. P Chill Discusses Persistence and Announces New Single ‘The Good Life’

Mr. P Chill takes a few moments to discuss the upcoming release of Persistence on June 3rd, 2014 as well as the upcoming release of the new single “The Good Life” which is being serviced to college radio stations nationwide. Show your support by calling your community or local college radio station and requesting Mr. […]