Pre-Orders For The Beautiful Revolution Have Begun!

Pre-orders for The Beautiful Revolution have started both digitally and for the album on CD! To pre-order it digitally, click HERE To pre-order it on CD, click HERE

I Wanna Go Home 7″ Picture Discs In Stock & Ready To Ship!

  The first single from Mr. P Chill’s upcoming album, The Beautiful Revolution, was recently pressed up as a limited edition 7″ picture disc!  The order came in last week and they came out BEAUTIFUL!  There are ONLY 25 of this single being pressed EVER.  Each copy has been hand numbered and has a download […]

Mr. P Chill Announces Track List For Upcoming Album “The Beautiful Revolution”

Mr. P Chill is pleased to announce that his new album, “The Beautiful Revolution”, will release worldwide on Friday, January 20, 2017.  This date was picked specifically because in his home country of the United States, it is inauguration day for their new president.  This time the president-elect is one that more than half of the […]

Mr. P Chill Announces The Black Friday 2016 Online Sale!

  Are you the type that is always looking for a good deal?  Do you have that one person to shop for this year that you have NO IDEA what to get them?  Are you looking to treat yourself to a nice gift and a good deal?  Do you despise fighting the crowds at big […]

Artwork For Mr. P Chill’s 12th album, The Beautiful Revolution, Unveiled!

As many of you already know, Mr. P Chill has been hard at work since coming home from his last tour putting the finishing touches on his new album, The Beautiful Revolution.  Today we are excited to finally unveil the album artwork for this, Chill’s 12th album, which is due out in early 2017! We […]

New Mr. P Chill Single Pressed As A Limited Run Picture Disc!

Mr. P Chill has been hard at work since returning home from the Summer Vacation Tour in Early September finishing up his upcoming full album, “The Beautiful Revolution”.  As he nears completion of this, his 12th full length album since going solo in 2002, he wanted to release something special for his fans that will […]

Mr. P Chill Honored With The Hip Hop Culture Award

Earlier this month, Mr. P Chill got the new that he has been honored with the prestigious Hip Hop Culture Award for his 25+ year career as an emcee.  Upon receiving this award, Mr. P Chill had this to say, “This is truly an honor to be chosen to be a part of this elite […]

Spyder-D To Release “Break The Chains Remix” Featuring Mr. P Chill on 10/28/16!

On Mr. P Chill‘s last release, “Still Standing”, we heard a collaboration from himself and hip hop pioneer and legend Spyder-D on the song and video for “No Regrets”.  Since the release of that song and video in late 2015, the two have been busy working on a remix for Spyder-D’s song, “Break The Chains”.  […]

Mr. P Chill and Spyder-D Release Video for No Regrets

During the Across and Back Tour, we stopped in Atlanta to meet up with NYC Hip Hop legend Spyder-D to shoot this visual for our single “No Regrets”. Be sure to share!

Music Visual For “You Got Me”, A Dedication To My Fans

Here’s the official visual for my single “You Got Me”, a dedication to all my family, friends, and supporters who take care of me when I’m on the road and keep me motivated to make more music when I’m at home. The Across and Back Tour kicks off tonight in Sacramento. I can’t wait to […]